Seriously, what a crazy weekend down at Benalla for the Victorian Drift Club’s Spring Matsuri held at Winton Raceway on the 24th and 25th of November.

Both days being 40 degrees didn’t stop anyone from making the trip down to Winton Raceway to either witness drivers from around Australia thrash their cars around the track or even just to come and hang with friends throughout the weekend.


After being hyped up for this event for weeks as I have missed out on all the previous Winton Matsuri’s.

As we were rolling down to Winton Raceway in the early morning we spotted Bille and Fish towing ZIPETIE and you’ll just know it was going to be a great weekend when you see cars like this!



Only 3 days left until Winton Spring Matsuri organised by the Victorian Drift Club gang!

November 24th and 25th – be there or else you’re going to miss out on one of the best events of the year with drivers coming from around Australia to thrash their cars for 2 days!

I have just approved for media on both days and will be getting off my bum and doing a write up for this event!

See you there!

Sorry for the lack of update guys as i’ve been really busy these day.

I’ll be at Winton Raceway once again tomorrow (September 9th) for the Victorian Drift Club’s Open Practice day! 

If you’re after photos from the last VicDrift Open Practice day click on -> August 19th Open Practice Day

VicDrift Open Practice Day THIS Sunday (19/08) @ Winton Raceway. If you have nothing to do on Sunday head down to Winton Raceway for another awesome practice day held by the VicDrift crew! 🙂

Calder Park – Drift Practice Day 24/06

On the 24th of June, Calder Park Raceway was holding a Drift Practice Day on their National Circuit with the support of the Victorian Drift Club to make sure the day goes by smoothly.

On the cold Sunday morning, I met up with my mates Tommy with his RB25 S14a;

Henry (Dorifuto) with his MX5;

… and Michael, Johnny, Raddie and Tommy JB.

Seeing cars like this as you’re entering the Calder gates; you just know it’s going to be a good day!

Even the big boys like Papa from the Insane Drifters were out to support Calder so they can bring back more practice days.

and Nigel Petrie from Engineered to Slide with Waz’s MX5 were just some from many others!

Also Woods and Jack from the Hit and Run Drift Club made the trip down from Sydney for this day too

… and they were killing it!

There were a few casualties in the day, like this R33 4Door’s exhaust that fell off during one of his sessions but later had a run with the wall; shame cos it’s the best R33 4Door i’ve seen to date.

It was good to see Kriss out there in his R31 daily driver while he hasn’t had any progress on his A31 Cefiro since replacing the cursed RB!

Seeing Muski’s car in person for the first time has to be one of the most exciting things from the day!

and Ryan from Infinite Focus to finish this update 🙂

I have more pictures posted on; click here!

Thanks for reading guys 🙂


VicDrift – Open Practice Day


More to come from this Practice day that was on May 5th 🙂




VicDrift – Member’s Day

Another well organised event by the VicDrift crew!

Weren’t really happy with my photos this time, had such bad luck during the day but i’ll be posting more pictures as I go through them so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

Vicdrift Championship Round 1

Seeing Nigel Petrie’s stupidly low 180SX for the first time in real life was just pure awesome!

Videos of Nigel going around the track doesn’t do justice for what it is like to see it in person.

Insane Drifters’ made their pit bay look so much more interesting.

This has to be one of my favourite moments of the day. As I was snapping away at Nigel’s 180SX which was next to the Insane Drifters’ pit bay, out of no where I heard a car coming this way and noticed it was Agess. He was given 5 minutes to change his tyres and do other last minute preparations for his last battle with Jarrod Klingberg’s SR powered KE. Watching his pit crew change his tyres, check things over and giving him advice was a really intense; you literally saw the pressure they all had.

You know all the effort he put in was worth it when Agess from the Insane Drifters took first place!

Congratulations Agess!

These two people; Yoshi,his partner Cat and many other people  are the people behind all the VicDrift events. I’d like to thank them for organising such a great event and all the effort they both put into it is just astonishing. As these two events were the first ones i’ve been to, it was well worth the 3 hour drive down to Benalla and I can say.. i’m definitely going again!